Our After School

Homework help, Common Core aligned enrichment work: Kindergarten through Eighth Grade

Active learning

Students are encouraged to work in groups and/or independently to build teamwork and accountability. Enrichment work at the Lighthouse is given as extra practice and as a means of getting ahead of the curve. We believe that encouraging our students to become active learners will help them develop better communication skills and understand teamwork.

Rewards System

Students at the Lighthouse are encouraged to work hard and are rewarded for doing so. We implement an artificial monetary reward system within our classrooms to promote maximum effort at their public school, after school, and at home.


Public school transportation is provided within a 5 mile radius for a small monthly fee. Prices vary according to the location of the child’s school.

Safe and Friendly Environment

It is of our best interest to maintain a sanitary, safe and secure facility for those who attend the Lighthouse. We strongly encourage our teachers to not only be academic tutors but to be role models who will encourage and teach their students into becoming studious young adults.

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